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Workweek Warrior

Workweek Warrior

Workweek Warrior members can choose any open desk to work at and get right down to business on their laptop or tablet. Our desks are cleaned after each use and members can be appropriately spaced apart for comfort. With this membership, you will have 8:00 am – 5:00 access to the Exchange coworking space along with the mailroom and media rooms, options for a business phone line and five hours a month of conference room booking. While in the Gig East Exchange, you can enjoy the café and network during Exchange events.

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Cost is $50 a month. Mail and package handling services. Invitation to Exchange events. Business phone and voicemail. Coworking access. 5 hours access to conference room.

Why Choose a Workweek Warrior Membership?

Gig East Membership Icon Mail
Mail Services

Workweek Warrior Memberships can be customized to include mail and package handling services based on your company’s individual needs:

  • Mail/Package Handling and Forwarding
  • Private mailboxes for storage available upon request
  • Digital Mail Scanning & Delivery
Gig East Membership Icon Voicemail
Business Phone & Voicemail
With Greenlight community broadband at the core of the Gig East Exchange Workweek Warrior members can set up a business phone number with voicemail to integrate with their own mobile device.
Gig East Membership Icon Conference Room
Access to Conference Room

Workweek Warrior members have access to conference rooms for presentations and private meetings up to five hours per month.

Gig East Membership Icon Events
Invitation to Exchange Events
Networking is key to any business success and the Gig East Exchange will have many opportunities to facilitate virtual or small in person events.


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